Bostonian Adventurers League

The Sad Slum of Penith

Arya Nahl and Imoral arrived in the town of Penith and found the town in a sorry state. After conversations with a few towns persons the adventurers discovered that the town was largely ignored by a the adventurer’s guild and under the control of a gang known as the Blue Hand. Seeing a town ripe for liberation, the adventurers spoke to several people hoping to find an element of dissatisfaction but were frustrated to find a sense of resignation in all parties. Nobody seemed to believe that the organization could be beaten.

Determined still to undermine the criminals the party tried to vandalize the graffiti of the Blue hand by covering it with a red hand to sew confusion. However, caught in the act, the party fled up the hill to the Adventurer’s Guild stronghold.


Daud Daud

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