Bostonian Adventurers League

Testing the Power Rangers

Arriving at the Guildhall, Arya, Nahl and Imoral reluctantly registered as “The Power Rangers” and submitted to take the initiation test.

Skirting out of the first chamber after scuffling briefly with the earthen construct, they navigated the passages to a series of rooms where a magically projected voice guided them through a series of odd and disturbing challenges before trapping them in a room and attempting to drown them. However, managing the destroy the mechanism, the party was freed and made their way out.

Freed from the challenge and alone in the dungeon, the party decided to revisit one of the prisoners who had addressed them on their way into the test chambers. However, the party was immediately distracted by one of the cells which contained a large black panther. Nahl immediately insisted that the Panther be freed, and after a prolonged period of smashing the lock repeatedly, he managed to free the beast who immediately bonded with the ranger and would not leave his side.

The party also managed to interview the odd prisoner they had come to speak with who told them that he was the Yeoman of the house and a magical impostor from a secret elven organization called the Midnight Foxes had replaced him and sequestered him to the dungeon. Believing the man but seeking some way of finding proof, they quizzed him for his most private secrets. He told them that he had a mole on the sole of his foot and that he collected gnomish erotica.

Satisfied with their information, the party left and encountered a guard who seemed alarmed by their descriptions of the test they had undertaken. It turned out, that the adventurer’s test as they took it had been tampered with and the guild entered a sudden panic.


Daud Daud

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