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Power Rangers Recap

The Power Rangers tried to help with the investigation of how the test had become tampered with. They continued to expect the story of the man in the dungeon was true, but couldn’t decide how to act upon them even after cleverly confirming that he didn’t have a mole on his foot.

As they contemplated their next action the party was contacted by Gerunder, a tavernkeeper in Penith who admitted that he was fed up with the Blue Hand and that he would assist them in taking the organization down. He suggested to them that the best way to do that would be to kill the Goliath leader of the organization known as Gom Shaktoes.

Taking this advice to heart, the party went to town and looked for support from the sheriff and after some arguing he agreed that he would support them if they could prove their mettle. In an attempt to do so, the party killed a member of the blue hand alone by night. Seeking the sheriff to report they happened to see Gom leaving his house. Seizing the moment, the party rushed into his house and hid inside his closet. Taking advantage of the element of surprise they managed to make short work of Gom and burn his house down, liberating the town.

Celebrated for their efforts, the Baron of the town offered the heroes a knighthood which they declined because they did not wish to pledge their service. Instead they were given honorary titles in a ceremony which did not go exactly to plan.

Afterword an offhanded conversation with Gerunder revealed that Imoral’s brother had dabbled with the blue hand, but made enemies and went up the hill to the adventurer’s guild. Already well into his cups from celebrating, a drunken Imoral marched up to the Free Trade Company Guildhall and asked about records of his brother.

It turned out that his brother had never completed the imitation, but it was recalled that he had unoffically joined a party that had taken a quest contract but never returned. In order to investigate the fate of his brother, the Power Rangers took the Contract


Daud Daud

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