Bostonian Adventurers League

Green Genocide

Martin and Hugo decided that their adventuring days were over, leaving Imoral and Arya to head toward Penith on their own. However, as they traveled along the road, the duo encountered the familiar face of Nahl locked in combat with a party of goblins. Preserving one of the goblins, the crew coerced the goblin to lead them back to the goblin’s lair.

After scrapping with the guards of the lair, the party went inside to find the lair largely empty. Scouting through the various rooms they finally found the inhabitants of the lair crouched in their bivoac and a quick, bloody battle ensued. With the adult goblins killed, the party found a large number of infant goblins and debated their fate, settling on putting the lot of them to death.

As they left the lair, a mournful cry was heard in the distance.


Daud Daud

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