Bostonian Adventurers League

First Contract

The Power Rangers take a contract to recover artifacts of an old religion

As the Power Rangers make their way to their next adventure, a strange man in Penith grants and sells them a collection of artifacts including “faerie dust”, a bag of holding and a 10 foot pole.

A few days of uneventful travel brought the adventurers to the temple entrance which they entered. Inside, the name “Nefthet” came to Imoral’s mind as a message from Shamar. In the chambers there were a couple of stone forms which appeared to be the victims of petrifiication. The second statue of a woman appearing to be a wizard, the party decided, reluctantly, to use their potion of depetrification to reverse her condition and discovered that she had been part of the exptidition with Imoral’s brother. The party decided to work together with her moving forward.

The next hallway bore odd statues which their scout’s notes had indicated to them they should not look at. With heads down the party marched single file only to be ambushed by a waiting cadre of Grimlocks whom they nonetheless defeated.


Daud Daud

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