Bostonian Adventurers League

An Awkward Entrance

How to immediately estrange a town

Gemma, Undi and Akkrio parted ways with Petoma, compelled as a druid to once again wander alone. The remaining adventurers were left with the question of how to move the body they intended to bring with them, despite Undi’s protestations. Constructing an improvised sledge the party began carrying the sledge along but before they got far, it fell apart, forcing the muscular Paladin Akkrio to sling the body over his shoulder as they strode into town.

The sight of a silver dragonborn, an elf and a beardless dwarf would have been odd enough in the sleepy town of Penith, but the addition of a rotting corpse carried by them led to a rather unfavorable impression. They spoke to the sheriff of the town who indicated his desire to have nothing to do with the body. Obtaining permission of the sheriff they burred the body and made their way up the hill to the guildhall of the Guild of Free adventurers- with the mystery of the body’s origins still unanswered.


Daud Daud

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